Sound too good to be true?

We can assure you there are no hidden costs. 

For transparency, here's a list of all the possible costs that you might be charged at different points in your membership.

Standard charges

Monthly price

This is different for each bike and can be found on each bike's product page. At checkout, you will pay the monthly price of your bike and you will be asked to set up a direct debit GoCardless account with us - please look out for this email! Your first payment via direct debit will begin one month after you receive your bike, and continue until you either finish your subscription, return or exchange your bike.

Included services

Exchanges after 18 months

Once you have had your bike for 18 months, you are entitled to a free exchange.

Ownership after 32 months

If you make 32 months of payments for the same bike, you are allowed to keep it at no extra cost.

Additional services

Early exchanges

Exchanges before 18 months cost a flat fee of £19.99, which includes both delivery of your new bike and collection of the old one. 


Cancellations cost £29.99, which includes collection of your bike and dispatch of a box to pack it up if required. This charge does not fully cover the cost of handling cancellations and we don't profit from this.

Extraordinary charges


We accept that a certain amount of wear and tear will be caused by normal use of the bike. We also give our bikes a full service before we send them out again. 

If the bike is returned with damage that couldn't have possibly been caused by normal, considerate use, we may have to charge a fee. This will be the price of any parts, plus labour.


It is your responsibility to keep your bike safe. If it is lost or stolen, you will have to pay the remaining monthly payments. However, if you take out Bike Club Plus, you will only have to pay the total loss for that particular bike. To read more about Bike Club Plus, please click here.

Missed collections

If you repeatedly miss your chosen collection dates, we may have to charge an additional fee to cover our costs. We ask you to be considerate to the other members of the club.